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Concierge Wellness Solutions brings true wellness to the workplace.
The reality is that healthcare costs are crippling your company! The statistics speak for themselves: $1 out of every $6 is spent on healthcare. That number is estimated to grow to $1 out of every $5 by 2015. That's $12,320 per employee! When your employees are sick they take days off and are unproductive and unfocused. What if there was a way to change this? Did you know that for every $1 spent on a wellness program a company averages a $3-$5 return on investment? Wellness chiropractic patients spend less money on healthcare, take less sick days, less drugs, and report feeling less stressed. Read More

The Benefits of a Wellness Program

By Dr. Dan Wilson

You may be wondering if bringing a wellness program into your office is a good idea. Are enough of your coworkers or employees interested in wellness? Will they participate? Is it cost effective?

These are all great questions and I encourage you to take a quick look at the current trends in America. If you do not have a wellness program currently in place, you may actually be way behind the curve! According to a survey of government employers conducted in September 2011 by the International Public Management for Human Resources, 51% of companies not already involved in wellness, planned to implement a program within the next 12 months! In addition, the Society of Human Resources reveals that 75% of all companies already have a wellness program in place!

What Is Wellness?

This is a great and often overlooked question. What is wellness? Most people feel that wellness is simply feeling good. This is one of the most dangerous misconceptions that we have come to believe. Think about this; there are individuals in this country taking 8-10 medications on a daily basis that feel absolutely no pain! Would you argue that these people are well or healthy? Surely I am not telling you to throw your medications in the trash but what I am telling you is that this is not wellness. Wellness is making day to day choices that move your current state of health in a positive direction. Eating healthy food, exercising, thinking positive thoughts, eliminating negative stressors in your life, and last but certainly not least, having a healthy functioning nervous system!

Wellness programs are a great way to improve the quality of health of your workforce and to save money on health care costs(up to $6 for every dollar spent). But the real benefits are in the fact that healthier employees are more productive, less stressed, and overall generally more happy to be at work!

Who should participate in a Wellness Program?

Wellness in the workplace is intended to target not only individuals with health concerns but all employees regardless of their state of health and well-being. A big mistake that individuals make when it comes to wellness is that they see it as a condition rather than a state of being. Your health varies day by day depending on many factors particularly the physical, emotional, and chemical stresses you experience on a day to day basis. In addition, not having symptoms present is not an indicator of good health. Many individuals are walking around with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or some other health issue and feel just fine. It is important to constantly work at achieving a state of wellness to give yourself the best chance to live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Why Choose Concierge Wellness Solutions

What makes our wellness program different than any other wellness program around is that we are actually improving the health of your employees every week! In addition to lunch and learn programs, seminars, and health improvement challenges such as weight loss, each employee has an opportunity to be a participant in a weekly chiropractic care plan.

Chiropractic care started the wellness paradigm back in 1895. The principles of chiropractic recognize that the nervous system, which is comprised of the brain, spinal cord, and the nerves exiting the spine, is the master controller of the entire body. It coordinates and controls all of the thousands of conscious and unconconscious function and process of every organ, tissue, and cell of the body. When their is stress on the nervous system it causes dis-ease in the body and as a result we do not function at our optimal level. Removal of these interferences allows the body to function at its best, resulting in improved healing, sleep, and a better response to the stresses of daily life. Patients under wellness chiropractic care feel less stressed, take less medications, and are sick less.

Our ultimate goal of providing chiropractic care to your employees to create healthier individuals, companies, and ultimately a healthier community. We are excited to be a part of your team now or in the near future!

For more information check out this article on the Society of Human Resources webpage